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ICAVL accredited JCAHO certified

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East Tremont Vascular - Practice Practice

Problems of the vascular system are common and can be serious. Our practice consists of applying the specialised clinical skills of our highly trained staff, our state of the art Vascular Laboratory and the latest technical advances to detect evidence of, assess severity, determine pathological effects, treat and prevent vascular disease. We are also actively involved in research and promotion of life style in order to reduce the prevalence of these diseases.

Our Team

Our experienced vascular team, includes board-certified surgeons, physician assistants, and vascular lab technicians, all specially skilled to provide the latest therapies and cutting-edge minimally invasive endovascular treatment as well as open procedures, for vascular diseases. Our administrative staff is highly attentive to our patient needs, and strives to ensure their satisfaction and provide the best possible care.

Our Facility

Our center features clinical space with a full service Vascular Laboratory, to perform on-site non-invasive vascular tests, and a full range of treatment options for vascular disease. Our Vascular Laboratory has been reaccredited by the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission Vascular Laboratory, making it an elite vascular laboratory. The laboratory is a leader in Extracranial Cerebrovascular Testing, Peripheral Venous Testing, Peripheral Arterial Testing and Visceral Vascular Testing.


Programmes of research represent an integral part of our vascular surgical practice. We encourage research efforts amongst our staff and the residents at our training facilities. Conducting local and national meetings and conferences to discuss and share experiences and new advances in the field of vascular surgery are an important part of our effort to progressively expand our knowledge and the discipline.